Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hey everyone, we released a new EP titled "Alone" today. You can download it for free on our bandcamp. The songs were recorded with Alex Estrada at The Earth Capital Studio in Los Angeles. We also set up a merch store through our bandcamp so now you can buy all of our goodies from us. Thanks for the support. See you guys in 7 months!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


First of all, sorry for the lack of posts on here the last couple months we have been busy with shit life. With that being said, It is bitter sweet to inform you that due to Jordan moving to Montana for a few months to work and Conor moving to Sweden for 7 months to play professional volleyball we will only be playing 1 more show this year. It will be our last until Conor returns from Sweden in April. WE ARE NOT BREAKING UP! In fact, we will be hitting the studio with Alex Estrada @ THE EARTH CAPITAL to record 2 brand new tracks before we go our separate ways for a while. Expect those to be ready by October. We will continue to write new material while we are gone and plan to release a new LP hopefully during the Spring of 2013. As for right now we will be playing 1 more show on September 14 for MEDIA BLITZ's record release with ACxDC and our girlfriends in PLAGUES. We will have a limited number of our new shirt design (below) for sale at the show so don't miss out! Come get wild with us and send us off with a bang.

dogs mosh harder than cats.

Monday, May 21, 2012


-Our last few shows have been a blast. We have been lucky enough to play with a lot of amazing bands from all over and its been a lot of fun. Our friend Chad Sengstock took some pictures at our record release show with Plagues and Power, check them out here TCF/PLAGUES RECORD RELEASE SHOW PICTURES. Unfortunately our show with Single Mothers was cancelled due to them having some problems with their visa, but we will be playing with Hollow Earth at the Che Cafe in San Diego on June 2nd (FACEBOOK EVENT). We also updated the "SHOWS" section including a show with Grave Maker and Greg Bennick of Tial (FACEBOOK EVENT). This will be our last show before Jack goes out of town for a month in July!

-Our friends over at Toxicbreed's Funhouse did a review of our Split with Plagues. You can read that here TBFH THE COLD FRONT// PLAGUES REVIEW

-We had our first interview released over at IDIOTEQ.COM. Read it TCF INTERVIEW.

-Keep checking back here and our FACEBOOK page for updates. We have been writing new songs and plan to get into the studio hopefully before Jack leaves in July. Stay tuned for big things in the works including a NORTHWEST SUMMER TOUR.

-Listen to The Cold Front with your parents.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


We added a couple more shows including our record release show on May 1st with Power, Plagues, and They As in Them. We are also stoked to have the opportunity to play with Bleeding Through at the California Uber Alles Fest in Hermosa Beach on May 12. We have been busy writing new songs, we may have to play a couple of them at these next shows. Come check it out.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


-HI! First off thanks to everyone who bought a Test Pressing of our Split with Plagues from, all 38 sold out in the first week! The store is now stocked full of the original shark print so head over to the IRISH VOODOO STORE and pick one up.

-Unfortunately we had some shows cancel on us that we were pumped to be playing. The Etnies Skatepark show got rained out and super tough, gnarly, beater-upper kids ruined another venue in Hemet canceling the April 7 and postponing May 2nd with Dead Icons. April will be very slow for us but our next couple confirmed shows are May 20 in Long Beach with Badblood, Low Places, and our friends/label mates Colombian Necktie and KDC (NY). Also we are playing in Pomona on June 1st with Single Mothers (canada), Ghostlimb, Hollow Earth (michigan), and Moxiebeat.

-Keep checking back for more updates! We have some more stuff planned in the coming months including a release of our Nirvana cover "Tourette's"

DOBIS. doing business.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The pre-orders for our split with Plagues is up at the IrishVoodoo Store. It comes with exclusive artwork and there were only 38 made. These are already going quick so get your's soon before they are all gone! We will have a store up in the next week or so with all of our Merch and our Split once we receive them from the label so check back soon if your interested. We have a few shows coming up including a couple in Hemet and one in LONG BEACH! we will announce more details on those in a few days. SCHLAAAANG!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Halloweekend Tour Doc

Hello Earthlings. Take a few minutes out of your long hard day of doing things that don't matter and watch this video for guidance and escape. You deserve it. Shot and edited by Scott Fecteau; The document takes you along our journey from the concrete jungles of Los Angeles to the humble open arms of Northern California, making rock stops in Pomona, LA, Thousand Oaks, SF, and Oakland. Click the link to take you to the vimeo page to stream for free. We have also added a "VIDEOS" section to our LINKS to the right of the page, that will take you to our vimeo account where we will be adding various live footage from our past shows so keep checking back!

We understand that your lives are diminishing from grandeur dreams of mediocrity, we hope this video gives you the strength to give up.